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Stand-Up At Work:  

A comedian’s guide for mastering the workplace. 

Learn how to own your stage, develop your message and win your audience. Practical tips to lead and thrive at work.

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Cesar Cervantes

Cesar is a leadership speaker and stand- up comedy enthusiast. He currently serves as Dean of Experiential Education at United World College and uses this expertise to create engaging and interactive learning for his audiences. Much of his career has been spent in leaderships positions within higher education, though his love for stand-up, is what makes his keynotes and workshops so unique and entertaining. He teaches Stand-Up Writing & Performance at Colorado College, was a contestant on Comedy Central’s Open Mic Fight and can be seen in movie’s such as Line of Duty and The Bookie

Stand Up 

At Work

Keynote Speaking & Workshops

Keynote speaking for employee orientation and conferences, department  training and team-building workshops are a few examples of how Cesar helps your workplace achieve healthier dynamics and learn about leadership with a laugh.

Stand Up

On Campus

Keynote Speaking & Workshops 

Keynote speaking for orientation and graduations, residential life staff training and student group workshops are just a few examples of how Cesar helps campuses achieve healthier dynamics and learn about leadership with a laugh. 


In The Classroom

Learn Stand-Up Comedy

After experiencing one of Cesar’s speeches or workshops, many have asked about diving into stand-up or learning more bout inserting humor into their own public speaking. His stand-up focused classes and coaching are the answer.